Tips for 1st time marathon runners

For any 1st time runners, it is important to ensure preparation are in-place before the actual run starts.

Below are some of the pointers which can guide you to your actual day.

1) Goodies Bag

Find out how and where to collect your race pack, and remember to do so. These packs contain all the essentials, like your racing bib/race tag and timing device.

2) Right Diet

The diet should consist of foods – high in protein, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. Ensure adequate carbohydrate intake leading up to the race, and also during the event, prevents severe fatigue.”

3) Learn from the experienced runners

Learned from the seasoned marathon runners. They can be a valuable asset to help you mentally prepared.

4) “Recce” the route

Knowing the route and condition in advance can be an advantage to your overall running experience.

5) Hydration Plan

Make sure your body is having the necessary fluid replacement during the run.

6) Get Adequate Rest

It is important to have good rest and sleep two to three days before the actual day. Waking up groggy and grumpy is the last thing you will ever want to start off.

7) Body Warm-up

Proper body warm-up is important to prevent any form of injuries.



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