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Motion Control Shoes

  • Its feature is to aim to reduce and control over-pronation by immoblizing the arch and locking the heel with more arch support, heel shims and lacing system to hold the heel in place.

Stability Shoes

  • It offer a good cushion, support and durability. Get this shoes if you are a middle weight runner who doesn’t have any severe under and over pronation.

Cushioned Shoes

  • It provides extra cushioning under the foot designed especially for flat footer. As flat footer tends to have a harder heel strike compare to a normal ones. Do note that cusioned shoes do have lesser support due to the cushion.

Light Weight Training Shoes

  • The lightest of all the training shoes that is available. It is light weight, well-balance in any aspect and have just enough cushion for the long miles ahead. Get these if you are a fast and efficient runner with no motion control problem so as to aid you in your performance.

Trail Shoes

  • Designed for the purpose of running off road or rough terrain as it offers the best stability and durability. This shoes have rugged soles for traction so that you wouldn’t be fighting with your shoes in each steps.


  • The most popular and recommended fabric is CoolMax, its very soft and light compare to the normal ones. The key features of CoolMax is that it dries up quickly so as to prevent excess sweat accumulating in your clothes when you are running which in turn will hinder you down.
  • Most of the shorts are made of Supplexon nylon, its soft, light and fast-drying compare to the normal ones. These shorts usually have a CoolMax liner to help wick away moisture from the skin. Some might prefer Lycra nylon shorts something simliar to the biking shorts. There are still alot of varies choice out there in the market but do note that avoid heavy fabric or too loose that may chafe your inner thights.

Body Gilde

  • Usually when you are running long distance you may suffer from blisters and chafing. Body Gilde is a lubricant that is designed to prevent chafing or blister on your feet, inner thighs, sports bra lines and underarms.

Energy bar

  • Recommended if your run is more than 90 minutes, it will replace your stored energy with calories so it is very useful but do note that the first time when you take it, it will cause stomach discomfort because your body is not used to it so do remember to let your body get used to it before using it on your competitive run or marathon. By setting it to be consumed after you ran pass a certain distance has proven to be a great motivating items to keep you going.

Heart Rate Monitor Watch

  • To keep track of how much your heart rate is so you can gauge whether you are running slower or faster than usual. It’s important to keep your heart rate at 70%-80% of your max heart rate while you are running or else you will get “burned” out faster than usual or not running your usual pace.

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